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2-3 STAR Hotel Sheets - Dorm & Camp

2-3 STAR Hotel Sheets - Dorm & Camp

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Low-maintenance, percale white hotel sheets that are T200, with a blend of 50% cotton and 50% polyester. Priced affordably at less than $65 for a queen set (just for comparison - we sell items individually).

These sheets are light yet sturdy, ensuring a quick dry for easy turnover. While we use T250 at our Vacation Rental, we recommend this lighter T200 as a cost-effective alternative. It's akin to sheets you'd find in 2-3 star motels, camps, or student dorms.

The fitted sheets boast elastic all around, and all hems are 2" for added durability.

Pro Tip: Get creative with mixing and matching—opt for T250 for the pillowcases. Some hotels prefer T200 for fitted sheets, pairing them with T250 for the flat top sheet and pillowcase. Remember, it's usually the fitted sheet that needs more frequent replacement.

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