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4-5 STAR Hotel Sheets - Vacation Rental Series

4-5 STAR Hotel Sheets - Vacation Rental Series

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Refreshing and crisp percale sheets. After extensive testing of hotel-grade sheets from various manufacturers and importers (which can vary significantly), these are the sheets we personally chose for our own vacation rental property. They offer the best value, considering factors like price, ease of turnover, durability, consistency, and comfort—perfect for any vacation rental. Normally bundled in sets of 24, we repack them into more manageable sizes just for you, the Micro Hotelier.

Priced under $95 per queen set (for reference only, as items are sold separately), these sheets are commonly found in 4 to 5-star hotels.

Labelled for ease of identification, this percale sheet delivers a clean, breathable, cool feel. It's lightweight yet exceptionally durable, built to withstand industrial laundering. These T250 sheets are crafted from 60% cotton and 40% polyester, featuring single-ply long fibres that become softer over time without shrinking or pilling.

With elastic all around the fitted, these sheets can snugly fit mattresses with depths ranging from 10" to 14".

The pillowcase is a testament to why we favor commercial hotel-grade products—it's slightly wider, making it easy for the pillow to slip in without a struggle, saving time during changeovers. These long pillowcases also offer the option to fold them envelope-style.

Tip: Thanks to the cotton blend, there's no need to iron. Just fold them warm from the dryer. If you desire a freshly pressed hotel look, you can always iron the pillowcases.

Make sure to check out our blog about mattress sizes for additional information.

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